Friday, May 22, 2015

Amidst the madness of moving across an ocean, finding employment, enrolling in schools, and keeping our sh*t together, there is the calmness in knowing "it will all be alright".

Another day has sprung.

In a year, will any of these worries really matter? Maybe one, maybe none.
Will it really matter if there are boxes still unpacked in the basement, waiting to be explored? Will it matter what visitors think when they walk through my mismatched, hodgepodge decorating? No. I heard a saying once that I just adore-- "If they mind, they don't matter; and if they matter, they don't mind."

But still, that restless feeling is underlying. It lurks there, like a silent elephant in the room. "Clean. Organize. Sort. Move this piece of furniture 45 times."

You know?

So I think it's time to quilt. You agree right?

It's so easy to think "I have too much stuff" when you're in the middle of a move. But once it's in place again, there is such a soothing that happens. Stuff. There is magic in it you know.

Do you know how happy this makeup case makes me every single day? I made it to match my "no-wash" dry shampoo. Yup, for realz.

Have you tried that stuff? It's magical! Dry shampoo gives body and lift to my straight-as-an-arrow hair. You say you want "bed head"?? This will do it! Without the hassle of flinging yourself around the duvet every morning! Or putting your head out the car window for some wind action! Or tangling your fingers up in your tresses every morning coaxing those hairs to lift a bit!

Oh,----- you don't do that?
Never mind.

We have about three humungous boxes of stuff ready to donate now, things that don't "bring me joy".  *** The KonMari Method.
This could be a reason I sell my quilts. I don't need 587 quilts in this shizzle, ya know? A bit of dosh for doing what I love = life that makes sense.   (And cents.)

And if I EVER give you a quilt, know that you MUST be one of my favorite people in the world...
Because that hardly EVER happens.     hahaha

Yellow cheers me.  What colors make your tummy flip?

Quilting burns loads of calories too, and only a homemade whoopie pie will do.
(Nod head in total agreement or prepare to be kicked in the shin.)
Just teasing.                   (not)

 Mine are reversed because I like to be different. I think they are usually chocolate cookie part and white middle frosting bit..... but then, I get a lot of things reversed, so don't hold me to it.  

Speaking about whoopie pies, I always thought when watching Sister Act (the film) that Whoopie Goldberg had THE BEST NAME EVER on the face of planet Earth. I was so upset when I found out she was born a Caryn.    lololol     
I like the name "Cookie" too-my friend D girl has a bestie with that name and I just LOVE it! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

What name would you have if you had to be a food name?
I wonder these things, you see....

Time for me to fly, and let's me honest-you need to get up off that 'puter and get to it.



I <3 p="" u="">

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The New "very very old" house we bought.

Friday, May 1, 2015

This Historic home in Wisconsin is 99 years old, and now it's ours.

(I should add for better or for worse, LOL)....

We plan to renovate it just enough to make it functional while keeping the integrity of its old fashioned charm. Here are a few pics of "now" and I'll be documenting the remodeling journey for all to follow along. There is something exciting about a fresh start in a home that has history.

Did I mention the president of the Historical Society stopped by this morning? It was so awesome, he filled me in on the families that have lived here, and is going to stop by with more pictures. He even has a pipe organ for us that belonged to the original owners--free if we want it. (But do I really?) hmmmmmm

I think it was meant to be, nobody I know is more of a historical geek than I am. Ok, maybe a few of you lovelies, but you know what I mean.

Upstairs built in cabinets for linens.

A sweet little Sewing room with magical hidden cubby there on the wall. I'm not sure what that was used for, but I plan on Googling it. 

Door leading to the attic.

The kitchen needs loads of work and updating, but these cabinets stole my heart. They go all the through to the dining room. 

Super awkward layout of the kitchen, so I'll fix that. ;) Or rather a plumber and contractor will!!

I'll be needing some green in my pocket soon. Buy a quilt from me. LOLOLOL

Buy stuff.

Library room. I want to extend these shelves to the ceiling.

Built in cabinet for the dining room.

All seasons porch/ sun room.

The staircase is gorg. It bends around the corner and keeps leading up. They creak something fierce right now LOL.

Master bed with king frame left for us (yay!) That chest I asked for and he gave it to me--it is so gorgeous, lined with cedar wood. Maybe my quilts will go in there.

Another view of the staircase:

bedroom/ office


The basement is huge and open, we plan on making it into a stellar man cave for my husband. This is only a pic of half of it here.
He wants his own apartment space, complete with shower bath and everything......

I'm ALL for it, for times when I'm ready to b*tchslap him, don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

Back porch.

View from back of house.

Laundry room with built in cabinets that are super tall. 

Attic steps

Attic space, soon to be tween lounge area (or fabric overload storage-- I haven't decided yet).

So there are a few pics for my friends across the world. More to come in the following weeks, I'm still finding my way through a new job and new surroundings. Hopefully by summer I'll be back to sewing daily. Have a loverly weekend!!!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Here's my Sari Skirt, made with Sari silky fabric from Joann's. I love the emerald color, and the whispers of cobalt blue make it so interesting to look at. Numerous gores, this skirt is very full, but because of the lightness of the Sari fabric it's light enough to be comfy. I can't wait to pop it on in the summer temps! 

One day I'll get to India. I imagine it as a land of full blown color jam, hot and intense as ever. It's on my bucket list.

I like elastic waist skirts because I make them with a lot of ease--LOL--"tight" doesn't suit me. Especially when I eat cake for breakfast, which is almost every day hardly ever, but I'm just sayin'....
It's against the law to wear tight waist clothing in my house. Ewe.

I know, I've said it a thousand quadrillion times--but I adore the Mission Maxi pattern you guys. Go get it now, or   I'll slap you   you'll be so upset with yourself when you finally do get around to sewing it. You'll say "Self, why didn't I buy this pattern sooner! For shame!"

Seriously--chicness and comfy-ness = nearly perfect wardrobe. I say "nearly" because the only thing that is "perfect" to wear is your birthday suit, but I'm sure you know that already.  Don't look around like I'm talking to someone else--you know it's true.Just remember, your neighbors see EVERYTHING.


I do apologize for my punchiness today.
It is what it is.
Did Shakespeare say that? Or The Beatles?
Or some Frnech person I should know-- C'est la vie....that's it. It was Frenchie.

Da da da donnnnnnnnn:

another Mission Maxi.
You see what I''m talking about? It almost looks JCrew -ish. And instead of $456.98 it's only $12 of fabric and a bit of elbow grease.
(I always hated that phrase but sometimes I use it just to gross myself out for a minute. Are you grossed?)

Gray spandexy-knit combo that manages to cover my lumps without the need for Spanx. I don't do Spanx either, that seems like certain torture to me. Am I right or am I right?

Are you now singing "My lumps, my lumps", ....don't hate on me, it was Fergie who did it.

*Am I the only person who thinks of the Duchess of York when people talk about "Fergie"? Say it ain't so.

Another Mission Maxi in a wonderfully BRIGHT bloom print. I'm all about keeping the spandexy-knit industry alive--keeping these people in business is super important you see, because I'm a S T R E T C H addict and I hope to found a stretch cult one day. Life mission. 

ahhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh                                                c a k e



Then I practically screamed when I saw this silky knit tie-dye bolt in the shop:

 It's so tough but yet bohemain-ish, and silkly to touch, and stretchy, and and and.......
You could totally wear a black leather Moto with this baby, or stretchy haute leather leggins, ya dig?

I kind of messed up with my serger thread being white, but hey--I'm ok with it. Bahah
This high low top pattern is an easy sew pattern, which I can't find right now because I'm in the middle of moving house, I'll update when it surfaces. LOL

Next time I think I'll make the front one piece, that middle seam bugs me a little.

Actually it bugs me a lot. Who the hell puts a seam right between your hunies?  Rolling eyes.

Then I found these little gems in my "Memory Trunk" in my Mom's attic. These aprons were one of the first things I learned to sew. I still love the design.


I hope you have a wonder filled week!

I'm struggling to keep up with things right now, but I know it will get better---moving, new jobs, new schools, commuting until the contracts are signed,----it's LIFE full on! I think of Dory whenever I start feeling like a whiny b*tch --"just keep swimming". She's SO wise.

See you soon!

cake is good for you

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